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Rates and Payment

Translation RatesI am a big believer in transparency and openness in business. To be fair, following English Turkish translation rates apply to all my clients (B2B or end-clients) regardless of their localities, industries or segments. However, please note that certain aspects of your English or Turkish source texts, such as layout, formatting, technicality, etc. may mean a higher translation rate. I don’t -and can’t sustainably, charge same translation rate for 200 words of plain text and 200 words of heavily formatted text with tables or other DTP elements. I may also apply a volume discount for larger projects. Therefore please consider these translation rates as a general guidance and be sure to get a quote from me for your documents.

Get a Free, No-Commitment Translation Quote

If unsure, drop me a message (or call 07584 571237) and get a free, no-commitment translation quote. I will carefully assess every aspect of your project and quote you a firm and final total price. What you are quoted is what will pay. With me, you never have unpleasant surprises afterwards. By sending a document for a quote request, you are not making any commitment or otherwise binding yourself. I do not proceed with translation unless I have your written approval (in form of a PO) and/or prepayment.

Some of the Most Affordable Turkish Translation Rates in London

I offer some of the most affordable English Turkish / Turkish English translation rates in London. For your comparison, be sure to have a look at London Freelance Fees Guide translation rates.

English Turkish Translation Rates

ServiceRate per wordRate per 1000 words
English Turkish Translation
English Turkish Translation of General Texts£0.06£60
English Turkish Translation of Technical Texts£0.08£80
English Turkish Translation of Tagged Texts (Trados Base Rate)£0.10£100

Turkish English Translation Rates

ServiceRate per wordRate per 1000 words
Turkish English Translation
Turkish English Translation of General Texts£0.06£60
Turkish English Translation of Technical Texts£0.08£80
English Turkish Translation of Tagged Texts (Trados Base Rate)£0.10£100

Other Translation Related Services

Certification (Electronically Signed PDF)£5
Hourly Rate£35
Minimum Fee£20

Convenient Payment Options

You can pay by cash, bank transfer to my UK account (from UK or abroad), bank transfer to my Turkish bank account (from Turkey or abroad), or PayPal (using your PayPal balance or credit card).

If you wish to pay using PayPal, click here, enter the amount I quoted, click Continue and follow on-screen instructions to complete your payment securely. If you prefer bank transfer, drop me a line and I’ll share my bank details.