I offer a variety of Turkish English / English Turkish translation services, including: sworn / certified translations of certificates, court orders, contract specifications, due diligence reports, tenders, financial statements. In my 20+ year career, I have also translated hundreds -if not thousands, of pages of user manuals, operator’s manuals, help files, meeting minutes, financial reports, arbitration documents and etc. Following is a more detailed introduction of services that I offer.

English – Turkish Translation Services

English and Turkish are from two different language families and therefore have completely different (in fact, quite opposite) sentence structures, meaning that translating English to Turkish is nothing like translating English to German or Italian to French. Every sentence has to be rewritten in Turkish in order to register the original message in the target text accurately. The translations I deliver read so naturally, often it is impossible to tell them apart from texts that were originally written in Turkish, which makes me a great asset, especially in terms of marketing texts. Also, I have been translating legal / law texts since the early 2000s and I have a distinction in DipTrans Law paper (in addition to a merit in semi-technical Business paper and a pass in General paper).

Turkish – English Translation Services

Documents my clients send for translation are typically graduate-level texts with lots of cultural references, subtexts and marketing messages that need a native speaker to render properly. In addition, there are fundamental differences between legal systems of Turkey (which basically has Roman Law) and those of United Kingdom and United States (which have Common Law). With the help of my native British or American proofers, I provide accurately rendered target texts that will not puzzle readers.

English – Turkish Localization

Programming has been a hobby of mine since 1994 (C, PERL, later C++ and recently ASP.Net and C#); therefore I am able to localize even the most complicated codes, even in Notepad if I had to -luckily I have some of the most cutting edge tools out there, including Trados SDL Studio 2019 and Visual Studio and I also have access to and can use LocStudio and Helium. For more information on my skills, be sure to visit my profile.

Proofing is Always Included

Unless you specifically request a deeper discount (i.e. if you have your own proofers or you need the text for information purposes only or you want to proof it yourself), proofing by a second linguist is always included in my rate. For your peace of mind and that of mine.