Code of Conduct

Following is a summary of American Translators Association’s Code of Ethics (Translator Code of Conduct) that I subscribe to.

American Translators Association Code of Ethics

As a member of American Translators Association, I accept as my ethical and professional duty to:

  • convey meaning between people and cultures faithfully, impartially and accurately;
  • hold in confidence any privileged, sensitive and/or confidential information entrusted to me in the course of my work;
  • represent my qualifications, capabilities and responsibilities honestly, and to work always within them;
  • enhance those capabilities at every opportunity through continuing education in language, subject field, and professional practice;
  • act collegially by sharing knowledge and experience;
  • define in advance by mutual agreement, and to abide by, the terms of all business transactions with others;
  • to ask for and offer due recognition of my work, and compensation commensurate with my abilities; and
  • endeavor in good faith to resolve any dispute that arises from my professional interactions.

Chartered Institute of Linguists Code of Professional Conduct

As a Chartered Linguist (MCIL), I subscribe to Chartered Institute of Linguists’ Code of Professional Conduct. CIoL’s Translator Code of Conduct:
  • defines best Turkish English / English Turkish translation practices that I, as an English Turkish translator, adhere;
  • provides me with a framework for making ethical decisions in my English Turkish translation business as a Chartered Linguist;
  • fosters good professional relationships between my freelance translation business and my clients as well as with other professionals;
  • protects me and my clients.

Full text of the Translator Code of Conduct can be access via the following link: