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Certified Turkish English Translation Services in London

I’m a UK based Chartered Linguist (MCIL) with 22-year full-time certified translation experience. You will find more information regarding my skills on About Haluk Aka, Chartered Linguist (MCIL) page on this website. I offer affordable, fast and courteous professional English translation and certified Turkish translation services for translations of various official documents, ranging from hospital reports, GP reports, expert reports to court orders, divorce papers and visa applications.

Certified Translation of Official Documents by Legal Translator

Official documents of all kind often make extensive use of technical (legal, medical, engineering, etc.) vocabulary. Do not take risk by entrusting translations of these documents to unqualified persons or facilities. Some of the official documents that can be most challenging are:

  • ILR (Indefinite Leave to Remain) applications and supporting documents;
  • ECAA (Ankara Agreement) extensions and supporting documents;
  • All other applications to the Home Office, including but not limited to family reunion, Tier 1 visa, Tier 2 visas, skilled worker visa.
  • Court Orders and contents of court bundles, including but not limited to interim orders, final orders, expert reports, counsel applications, statements, and service documents.
  • Agreements of all kind, including loan agreements, international trade, import, export, distribution contracts.
  • Hospital reports, GP reports, referrals.
  • Technical specifications, tender documents, annexes to contract documents, calls for tender, and etc.
  • Anything to complement or support above-listed formal applications or official documents; including: diploma, certificate, identification card, passport, drivers license, birth certificate, death certificate, civil registry records, etc.

Guaranteed Best Rate for Certified Translations

Compared to London Freelance Fees Guide Translation Rates, my rates are more than affordable (for instance, translation of a one-pager may cost as low as £25). Please refer to Rates page on this website for a more detailed price list. Feel free to submit documents to be translated using Contact Form (or by email to the email address at the bottom of this page), and I will send you an affordable quote as soon as possible (typically within 30 minutes during UK office hours). I will not start any work unless I have your written approval (in form of a PO or payment). Asking for a translation quote will not entail any obligations on your part.

Why chose me as your reliable certified translation service provider?

Because, I am:

  • Experienced: I’m in translation business since 2002 (1997 including 5 years part-time translation career).
  • Hardworking: I will work hard to come up with a target text that captures all the messages in your source documents. Nothing is lost in translation.
  • Reliable: I carefully analyse your documents before quoting you a price and delivery time, and I stick to them.
  • Affordable: My rates are unbeatable. If you can find any translation rate that is more affordable than mine in UK, I promise to match that (the only catch is: services/qualifications must be comparable -below-par services and/or services offered by overseas translators don’t count).
  • Accountable: From the moment you approve my translation quote, your document becomes my responsibility. I will treat it as one of my own, and do my best to deliver a perfect job.
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Based on 14 reviews
Selhan I
This establishment translates anything. Very honest people to work or to do business. I really recommend them. Very good service.
احمد مصطفى
Thank you for your help and patience
Janet Can
Thank you Haluk Bey for the prompt attention you gave to my request for the translation of my document. You delivered exactly what you promised. I would highly recommend your service to anyone. Again thank you Janet Can
Meryem Yiğit
16 yıldır kusursuz çeviri hizmeti almaktaym, bu iş için yaratılmış tam donanımı haiz yetkin çevirmen
Utku Abay
Great and accurate service provided quickly. Will definitely use Haluk's services and in the future and recommend them for anyone who needs it without hesitation.
Would highly recommend! Excellent, quick and professional service.👏
Kilic Sebahattin
Tamamen profesyonel bir tercüman, Türkçe-İngilizce İngilizce-Türkçe çevirilerinizi güvenli ve uygun fiyata alabilirsiniz. Çok teşekkür ederim A completely professional translator, you can get your Turkish-English English-Turkish translations safely and at affordable prices. Thank you so much
Mehmet Alper HAZIR
Haluk beyden almış olduğum çeviri hizmetinde nezaketi, içtenliği ve işlemlerimi zamanında tarafıma teslim ettiğinden dolayı kendisine teşekkürü borç bilirm.
ayhan turhan
great professionalism..super fast responses..and best price offerings...strongly recommended..
Mustafa Unlu
İçtenlikle yardımcı oldu çeviri işinde harikasin üstad çok teşekkürler emeklerin için 👍👋