Haluk L. Aka, Chartered Linguist (MCIL)

I am a professional English – Turkish / Turkish – English translator with 22 year experience. I am an American Translators’ Association member (ATA Member No: 250641) in US and a Chartered Linguist (MCIL) in UK (CIoL Member No: 54439). I hold IoLET’s Diploma in Translation, which is a Level 7 (Master’s) qualification, and I specialize in legal (corporate law, international trade, arbitration documents, acquis communitaire etc.), business (management, quality assurance, human resources), finance, and banking translations as well as localization, subtitling, desktop publishing and information technologies (hardware, software, networks).

Affordable, Timely, Professional Turkish Translation

I have been collaborating with the finest translation agencies in Turkey and abroad: Tercumex Language Services, Istanbul, Turkey; CPG Documentation, Wisconsin, US; Consortra Translations, based in US, with 5 offices worldwide; Foreign Exchange, based in the US, with 6 offices worldwide; Americlic LLC, PA, USA. My end clients include TURKAK (Turkish Accreditation Agency), TÜV-SUD Turkey, TÜV-SUD GmbH Germany, AMD, Turkcell (a major cellular phone network provider in Turkey), TUBITAK (Turkish Scientific and Technological Research Institute), Ministry of Industry and Commerce General Directorate of Standards and Measures, Enterasys and Fox International Channels (a complete reference list with contact information is available upon request). I have been also providing subtitling services to IYUNO Media Group, so chances are some of the subtitles that you enjoy on your favourite streaming platform are my hard work.

Translation, Localization, and Subtitling

Translation, Localization, and Subtitling

I have excellent command of Turkish. The translations I deliver read so naturally, often it is impossible to tell them apart from texts that were originally written in Turkish, which makes me a great asset, especially in terms of marketing texts. Also, I have been translating legal / law texts since the early 2000s. I have a distinction in DipTrans Law paper (in addition to a merit in semi-technical Business paper and a pass in General paper). As of 2012 May, I am a DipTrans IoLET (English – Turkish) and I am a Chartered Linguist (MCIL) since 2018.

I work in a team with fellow translators and normally all my work is proofread by a second linguist. Therefore, by default, my rates for translation are inclusive of proofreading. If you are an agency and have your own proofers or your particular assignment is “for information” and/or to be edited by you, I will gladly offer you a discount and skip proofing by a second linguist (in such case however, please note that I will not be responsible for occasional –very occasional, typos that an ordinary spell-check can’t pick up). I also have a British proofreader/editor (native speaker of English) and I am able to provide high-quality Turkish – English translations as well, at no additional proofing charge to my clients.

I have been in business since 1997 (on a full-time basis since 2002) and I’ll be glad to cooperate with you if my rates and qualifications meet your expectations.

Please be sure to check my CV and have a look at translation samples section, where you’ll find samples of various translation, localization and subtitling projects I have completed.